UsTwo internship


These past three month I am working as a visual designer intern at UsTwo. The internship programme is about learning the process of production. From understanding the brief to developing the app.

Team: Abraham, Boris, Idil and me

Platform: Android

Softwares: Sketch and After Effects

My Role:
Research (with team)
Concept (with team)
Visual design (concept and craft)

The Brief:

How can we increase the perception of value of waiting in a queue?

The Process:

To first decide our user, we made a questionary - we send it online for people from the studio. Some of the question were about how they feel when they are queueing.

We had lots of insights, most of them were about feelings, we saw that most of people feel bored or frustrated.

After analysing we decided three key works to represent our user needs:

control, perception of time
and expectations.

Control because the user wants to know what they are doing, what they are waiting for and how much time they are waiting.

Perception of time because this is how much time they will feel they are waiting, this is a very important point when you are leading with people that are enjoying their time shopping.

Expectation we found after our insight on the difference between the coffee shop queue and the retails queue. There are same excitement about waiting for buying and getting something, but there is none excitement about just paying for something.

With the insights, we came with a simple idea, a queue app. We found out that the user need is a simple way to manage his time and also to be free to do whatever he wants during the time his is waiting. Stay behind a stranger is not a need anymore. 

 Ideation process - we used some fun tools to help us to get in the MVP of our product.

Ideation process - we used some fun tools to help us to get in the MVP of our product.

Our app mission is to queue for the user, letting him walking freely around, when is his turn he will be notify to go to the cashier.

In the first steps our roles in this project were similar, we research and ideate together. After some point my role was to decide the visual concept, the branding and produce it.

Visual Concept:


 Some exemplos of the images that we use. 

Some exemplos of the images that we use. 

Key words:

Functional, Discreet, Friendly,
Elegant and Reassurance

Our visual concept is based in Quewe, our friendly character.

Quewe is very warm and helpful, his job is to make sure that the user will not loose his time to pay. He is a easy visual input, though his expression the user can see where he is in the queue. Read is not a need in this app, is an option. In a fast and busy environment Quewe makes everything easier!

User Journey:

The user don't have to keep the app opened, he can put it in his pocket and just wait for the notification.

Or he can keep the app opened in the screen and play a bit with Quewe. When the user push his face, Quewe react, changing his expression. 
You can see some exemplos down here.