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At Night Agency, we designed a campaign for KCA (Keep A Child Alive), an organization co-founded by Alicia Keys. Their mission is to realize the end of AIDS for children and families by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of AIDS using the aesthetic of 1980s street art, and was presented at KCA's 2016 Black Ball event.

My main design role was to develop an identity for the campaign, but I also provided art direction for additional print collateral.

Campaing Logo and T-Shirt design

Campaing Logo and T-Shirt design

Black Ball 2016

Black Ball 2016

To spread the word we created a hashtag #StopTheAIDIES

During this project I could play a lot around with the 80s aesthetic.

The following designs weren't used, but reflected a great process to finalize the campaign branding.  

Re-design of KCA's logo in a 80s inspired style

Re-design of KCA's logo in a 80s inspired style