This project made part of the last module at Hyper Island. 

In this module we made an agency with 10 team members, our agency name was Brew, this name was chosen for represent our desire to try new ways of creating and thinking.

One of the briefs that we had was for the AD magazine, an architecture magazine from Condè Nast publications. 

Brief: Transform highly reputable offline print magazine to a successful modern online platform. 

Also they wanted to introduce e-commerce in there website. 

In our concept we focus on the reader, we identify that they were the key, bringing more people to the website would make the magazine bigger and stronger. 

So UX design was the crucial point in this project. We made a design that was easy for navigation and less clickable as possible.  

Thinking about e-commerce we had the ideia to introduce it in a smooth way, besides using a big list of products, the reader could see the product inserted in a photo, so he could visualised the it in a ambient very well designed, making it more desirable. (video 3)


Group: Andreas Nordin,Giovana Parasmo, Pedro Piccinini, Mick Van Olst, Robert Lundh and Henrik Xu.